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SAFE HOMECARE Announces The Signing Of Two New Franchise Locations

NAPLES, Fla., May 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Today SAFE HOMECARE, a leading in-home senior care provider which offers franchises throughout the United States, announced the signing of two new franchise locations in Naples, and Fort Myers, Florida. It is expected that these two new locations will be operational around July 1, 2019.

SAFE HOMECARE has been servicing clients since its first franchise location opened in 2014. The franchisor for SAFE HOMECARE is known for its exceptionally strong cross functional management team that provides unparalleled support to its franchisees. "We know our strength is in the expertise of our team and encourage anyone thinking of entering our space, or for that matter, the franchise world in general, check out the members of the franchisor's team, their education, experience, track record etc. to determine if you are comfortable with them as your coach and support team," says Adam Krueger, COO of the SAFE HOMECARE's franchisor entity. "After all," he notes, "that is what franchising is all about. Once you identify an industry with strong and surging demand, find a company with a proven model and meet the team who is going to train and support you as a franchisee. Make sure they are as focused and dedicated to your success as you are."

SAFE HOMECARE touts the fact that not only has it been recognized in national publications, but that industry experts have identified the growth of its franchisees as one of the fastest growing in the senior care space. Krueger said he is seeing a great deal of interest in available territories this year, noting that in Florida, in the last week alone, prospective franchisees are looking at the Miami metro area, the Orlando area and St Augustine area. According to Krueger, with the first of the Baby Boomers turning age 73 in 2019, and some 10,000 turning 65 in America every day, demand for services is not going to be the issue, it's about being able to provide consistent and reliable quality care.

SAFE HOMECARE provides non-medical, primarily in-home care, to seniors, helping them age in place in the comfort, security and familiarity of their own homes. The SAFE HOMECARE model has been proven to sharply minimize cash flow requirements, accelerate entry into the marketplace, and is designed to help the franchisees attract and retain high quality caregivers.

For more information about SAFE HOMECARE, visit or call their COO directly at 855-953-SAFE (7233).

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