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172 New Franchise Companies Hoping to be the Next Big Thing

Fresh opportunities that have emerged in just the past three years.

For many people, franchising's appeal lies in the ability to tread a tested path to business ownership that tens, hundreds or even thousands of others have traveled before. But what if you're more of the trailblazing type? There still might be a franchise for you. In fact, you might find it here, in our list of 172 companies that have started franchising in just the past three years.

Like anything new, the risks can be higher when buying into an untested franchise -- but so can the rewards. The systems and support structure of a new franchise may still need refining, for instance, but as one of the first franchisees, you'll likely get to help mold those processes and operations. You'll also have more opportunity to help shape the products, services and even the brand and company culture when working with a new franchisor rather than one that's already established. If that appeals to you, then read on.

But keep in mind, inclusion on this list is not intended as a recommendation or endorsement of any particular franchise. Whether you're considering a new franchise or one that's been around for decades, it's always vital that you do your research. Carefully read the company's legal documents, consult with an attorney and an accountant, and -- if there are any -- talk to as many existing and former franchisees as you can.

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